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MyRepeat FAQ

Answers to the questions you’re most curious about.

What is MyRepeat?

MyRepeat is an eCommerce and rewards platform that powers your favorite practices’ apps. MyRepeat lets you discover, shop, finance, and earn rewards for your favorite treatments and services.

“Your favorite med spa’s app, powered by RepeatMD.”

How does MyRepeat work?

If your favorite practice is using MyRepeat, you will be introduced the next time you visit and can download the app in 3 easy steps:

  1. You will scan the unique QR code to check-in or sign-up for an account on MyRepeat with that med spa.
  2. After you have completed the process of either checking in or signing up, you’ll notice a banner on your screen that will prompt you to download the app from either iOS App or Google Play stores.
  3. Once you download the app, the icon will change to represent the practice you made your account with for you to discover, shop, finance, and earn rewards any time, anywhere.
What kind of practices use MyRepeat?

MyRepeat supports a range of different practice types that sell wellness and aesthetics services including Medical Spas, Wellness Clinics, Integrative Medicine, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Dentists.

How do I earn rewards?

You can earn rewards by checking in for your appointments and making purchases on the MyRepeat app.

How can I redeem my rewards?

You can easily redeem unlocked rewards in the app from your Rewards screen.

Additionally, MyRepeat offers RepeatCash that participating practices can set up so you can convert your unlocked rewards into a dollar amount to use towards your next in-app purchase.

Click here to learn more about earning, tracking, and redeeming rewards.

Who do I contact if I need support for the MyRepeat app?

In the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a chatbot for you to request support from our team!

Why is MyRepeat listed on my credit card statement?

Practices can use MyRepeat to provide a mobile-commerce app for their patients. Their app will look and feel individual to the practice, but the merchant of record is RepeatMD. This is why you will see MyRepeat on your bank statements and confirmation emails.

What is RepeatCash?

RepeatCash is another way for you to get the most out of a practice’s rewards program.

Practices have the option to set a specific dollar amount via RepeatCash to each reward, giving you the opportunity to either redeem the reward, or convert it into cash you can use towards a future in-app purchase.

Click here to learn more about RepeatCash.

What payment methods can I use on MyRepeat?

You can use debit, credit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, or finance your purchase with Affirm.

You can also apply any stored RepeatCash that you have converted from unlocked rewards.

How do I make a purchase on MyRepeat?

With Shop, you can easily read about the services offered by your practice, add to cart, apply any available promotions, and checkout without ever having to leave the app!

Click here to learn more about making a purchase on MyRepeat.

How do I request a refund from a practice on MyRepeat?

Click here to submit a refund request directly to our support team.

Will I get emailed a receipt for my purchases?

Yes, you will receive an email from MyRepeat every time you make a purchase on the app.

Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm
How does Affirm work with MyRepeat?

The option to finance a purchase with Affirm is built into the cart experience on MyRepeat.

Buying with Affirm is quick and easy—Affirm will ask new users for just a few pieces of basic information, and then their approval decision only takes 10–12 seconds. Returning users just need to sign in to apply. Shoppers are then offered between 1 and 3 payment plan options depending on their cart size and credit history, and on the financing program they choose.

What terms does Affirm offer for a purchase?

With Affirm, you will see terms anywhere between 3 and 36 months. Generally, Affirm will support orders between $50–$17,500.

Will Affirm affect my credit score?

It will not affect your credit score to create an account or check your purchasing power with Affirm.

Things that may affect your credit score include your payment history with Affirm, how much credit you have used, how long you’ve had credit, and making late payments.

I was denied to use Affirm to finance my purchase, what happens next?

Affirm doesn’t approve every application, so you may be approved for a loan at some merchants but not others, or may already have an Affirm loan but not be approved for another right now. If you get declined, you will receive an email explaining the reason behind Affirm’s decision.

To learn more about Affirm loans, click here.

I wasn’t approved for the full amount so Affirm is asking me for a down payment. Can I change the down payment amount?

You will be asked to make a down payment towards your purchase if you are not approved for the full amount. You cannot edit the down payment amount nor can you request to pay a down payment if it wasn’t offered to you.

If you have additional questions regarding down payments with Affirm, click here.

Account Settings
How do I book an appointment after purchasing a treatment?

Click into your Account and your available treatments will populate. Select the treatment you would like to schedule an appointment for and click Book Now on the treatments page.

Click here to learn more about your treatments and account settings.

How do I cancel a membership with a practice?

To cancel your membership with a practice, please contact the practice directly!

I didn’t realize my credit card had expired and missed a payment on my membership. How can I update my billing information?

If a payment was missed, a message will appear prompting you to update your billing information the next time you log into the app.

Click here to learn more.